NCTA Reflection Cards


Ever thought about this – If your life is a book, what will be the title and why?

Here’s a set of 50 such reflective cards, that help you re-discover yourself, your values, fears, unconscious biases, belief systems etc. A perfect game for teams, family and friends to get deeply connected to each other.

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Self – Reflection is the most powerful process to bring real transformation in self and others. It helps identify deep fears, beliefs, unconscious biases, passion & values of a person. Take your step towards finding out why one think, say or do certain things through this deck of 50 reflection cards.

Here are some ideas to use this card deck –

  • For Self Awareness journey : Make a journal to answer these questions
  • For Counseling, Group/Individual coaching, Therapy
  • Job interviews : To assess culture & value fitment
  • Training Programs : Can be used as Icebreaker, team bonding exercise, immersive leadership experience
  • For parents of teenagers : A family game to understand & open up dialogues, and build deeper connections with each other.
  • Party Game : For better bonding with friends & relatives in parties Gift : An ideal gift for someone who is in quest to self awareness


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