Mission : To build an emotionally intelligent & resilient society.

When things get tough, everyone needs help. 

Positive Lights is our movement towards “Emotional Well-Being”

to help people get breakthroughs from their own mind-traps of fear, anxieties & stress.


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Ever wished you could get rid of this constant nagging in your head? Dissociate with emotions and take logical decisions? Or, you could manage your reactions better during conflicts and unnerving situations? 

Art of Dissociation (3 Hours)

Dissociation is an important skill to learn and utilize specially in the current context of things. There is so much happening around that it becomes difficult to logically focus on things or make decisions without emotions interplay. If done with a choice and at the right time, it can lead to healthier decisions, mental well being, lesser stress and more productivity.

1 – Learn techniques to solve problems and make decisions logically

2 – Tools to manage conflicts and strained relationships 

3 – Understand how look at different perspectives (balcony views)

4 – Dissociate with bad experiences in the past and look forward

By end of this workshop, participants will be able to

1 – Dissociate from emotions and look at things logically

2 – Handle conflicts without being abrasive or submissive

3 – Reduce their overall stress and anxiety levels

Do you often lose your temper or are you prone to anxieties and stress?

Do you know it happens because of some pre-programmed triggers in our brain.

Tigger Management (3 Hours)

Stress, anxieties and temper issues are of course very common symptoms in the current VUCA world. However, if you feel that you are prone to these and want to get rid of these challenges, this program will help identify and deal with the root cause & triggers.

1 – Understand their own triggers and limiting beliefs

2 – Learn how to deal with anxiety, stress and anger issues

By end of the session, participants will learn & experience

1 – How to identify the key triggers for anxiety, stress and/or anger using NLP techniques

2 – How to reprogram these triggers using 3 different techniques (based on NLP, Gestalt therapy and Transaction Analysis)

A “Victim mindset” is a by default reaction of our mind when something goes wrong. However, does it work for in our favor in the long run? No.

The trick is to be aware and change the thinking habits, develop an empowering belief system.

Growth MindSet (3 Hours)

For the professionals to succeed, a Growth Mindset is a non-negotiable learning aspect in the VUCA world. What it essentially means is to develop mental agility to adjust to rapidly changing environment and create a continuous learning habit.

1 – Understand the concept of growth mindset and its importance in the VUCA context

2 – Learn how the flexibility in the thinking patterns can completely transform your view of the world, develops empathy and helps in thinking from different point of views

3 – Learn how feedback can be best leveraged in the corporate ecosystem

By end of this workshop, participants will be able to

1 – Understand different perspectives

2 – Have meaningful conversations by asking the right questions

3 – Respond to changes quickly and proactively

4 – Accept the feedback gracefully and create a zeal to learn more

Life seems to be a ticking clock and sometimes we feel directionless, aimless or at worst “Working Robots”! Hitting the reset button is the key in those moments. This workshop will help re-connecting to yourself, discover your potential and re-energize.

Mental Detox (3 Hours)

A mental detox is an exercise in clearing your mind to help you find better focus and balance in your life. It’s about taking a break from the day-to-day stressors, anxieties and distractions.

1- Learn techniques to re-connect with self (mindful doodling etc.)

2 – Learn how to discover resourceful and unresourceful states of “Being”

3 – Re-align own purpose and potential

4 – Learn how to re-energize self

By end of the session, participants will learn & experience

1 -Discover their own motivators, limitations and energizers

2 – Learn how to utilize this discovery to understand their potential

3 – Feel better focused, balanced & energized to do more and move ahead

We were all once children, and still have that child dwelling within us. But most adults are quite unaware of this. And this lack of conscious relatedness to our own inner child is precisely where so many behavioral, emotional and relationship difficulties stem from.

The Inner Child (3 Hours)

There are chances that the inner you may have become lost over time due to the stresses of life. It helps you to map your personal journey from childhood to adulthood understanding how every experience serves to shape your life. Traumas or difficult experiences from childhood can infiltrate every part of life today and you can lose touch with the real you.

1 – Learn & connect how childhood experiences and learnings can unconsciously be the reasons for your failures in relationships, trauma or stress today

2 – Uncover your own mental barriers

3 – Learn techniques to heal the inner child and look at things with different perspectives

By end of this workshop, participants will be able to

1 – Understand the root cause of their issues

2 – Learn some techniques to be more aware about their own behaviors and it’s impact on others

3 – Be more empathetic for self and others

4 – Build better relationship with self and others

When we face the most upending challenges, when we are at the greatest risk of misfiring with our reactions, when we are on the rock bottom in life, breaking the imaginary walls becomes important.

Bouncing back | Adversity management (3 Hours)

Whatever your initial reaction to adversities is, however, the challenge is to turn a negative experience into a productive one—that is, to counter adversity with resilience. Psychological resilience is the capacity to respond quickly and constructively to crises.

1 – Understand the basic elements of AQ/Resilience

2 – Apply practical techniques to improve resilience and the ability to bounce back

3 – Be able to handle own resilience both at work and at family

By end of the session, participants will learn & experience

1- Manage adversities, changes and challenges in a better way

2 – Bounce back quicker & healthier

3 – Help others in adversities and be more empathetic

Do you ever find yourself confounded by how your expectations of others don’t match up with the reality?

Managing Expectations (3 Hours)

Expectations are our beliefs or assumptions about the future. These can be from self or others. Either ways, too many or unrealistic expectations can lead to negative emotions like – stress, burnout and a feeling of unfulfillment.

1 – Understand how expectations are built and impact us

2 – Learn tools to discover our own unconscious/conscious expectations from self and others

3 – Techniques to set expectations and deal with unmet expectations from self and others

By end of this workshop, participants will be able to

1 – Set right / realistic expectations with self and others

2 – Have authentic conversations about unmet expectations

3 – Balance work and life by breaking the earlier self-sabotaging patterns

How comfortable are you in dealing with denials, resistance and defensiveness from people?

Does it add to your stress and anxiety?

Dealing With Resistance (3 Hours)

In the current scenario, when people are mentally stressed and stretched, resistance in different forms is very natural to witness. In these unprecedented times, it is important for people to know how to deal with this resistance effectively.

1 – Know about different faces of resistance and the root cause

2 – Learn how to deal with resistance

3 – Learn conversation techniques to ensure an optimum outcome

By end of the session, participants will learn & experience

1- Name the resistance and have an authentic conversation

2 – Get things done in a more amicable and empathetic manner

3 – Understand when and how to put a firm stance in difficult situations

Relationships are more important than life, but it is important for those relationships to have life in them.

Dysfunctional Relationships (3 Hours)

Throughout your life, the number and strength of your relationships affect your mental and physical wellbeing. The benefits of social connections and good mental health are numerous. Proven links include lower rates of anxiety and depression, higher self-esteem, greater empathy, and more trusting and cooperative relationships. Strong, healthy relationships can also help to strengthen your immune system, help you recover from disease, and may even lengthen your life. 

1 – To understand our relationships and concept of circles (in and out)

2 – Learn the importance and how to set roles and boundaries in relationships

3 – Understand the genesis of dysfunctional relationships and conflicts

By end of this workshop, participants will be able to

1 – Learn ways to build healthy relationships in personal and work life

2 – Apply techniques in real life to build trust and manage conflicts in the relationships