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Catalog 2020

ncta curriculum
Based on the Top 10 competencies to thrive in the Virtual VUCA World

Virtual Interactive Workshops

Eustress | Managing Stress and Anxiety
Vulnerability Quotient | Empathy & Courage
Adversity Quotient (AQ®) | Building Resilience
Listening to the Unsaid
Mindful & Authentic Conversations
Cultivate Your Superpower | Dealing with Fears
The power of EI | Emotional Intelligence
Heal the inner child | Dealing with the past baggage
The Balance | Personal and professional life
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Structured Thinking & Presentation Techniques
Growth Mindset | Difficult situations and how the right mindset accelerates career
Stakeholder Management | How to Identify, analyse and engage the stakeholders
Influencing and Persuasion skills | Techniques and matrix power nuances
Conflict to Collaborate 
Influencing without Authority | Techniques to influence leadership, mental blocks
Difficult conversations | Developing facilitative language
Personal Branding
Executive Presence
Strategic Mindset & Positioning
Storytelling |To inspire and motivate others
PowerSlides | How to add punch to your monotonous slides: latest techniques to represent data and information
Dialog based presentation skills
Transactional Analysis for Professionals Part I | Psychological Contracting, Ego States, Personal Drivers, Life Positions
Transactional Analysis Part II | Life Scripts and Games people Play
Neuro-Linguistics Programming for Professionals | Developing peak performance state and discovering one’s own success formula
FIRO-B® | Interpersonal Relationships in the virtual world, by understanding their “Needs”
DiSC® | Personal working style and relationships
6 Thinking Hats ®
Leading Change in the times of Disruption | Neuroscience Based frameworks and methods
Who am I?  | Identifying own fears, limiting beliefs, losing patterns and learning how to course correct 
Leading virtual teams
NCTA Management Foundation Certification | Transitioning from IC to Manager
Leader/Manager as a Coach| Practice Powerful Coaching Techniques 
Different strokes for Different folks | Working with different kinds of people in the team
Stakeholder Management | Dealing with “Resistance”
Stakeholder Management | Managing different working styles
Stakeholder Management | Building trust based relationships
Stakeholder Management | Virtual Communication Essentials 
Well Being | Managing stress & anxiety
Well Being | Managing Conflicts
Well Being | Art of dissociation (NLP Based)
Well Being | Managing Triggers and Reactions
Communication | Assertive Communication
Communication | Creating an Elevator pitch
Communication | How to say NO
Communication | Asking the right questions
Team Engagement | F!SH Philosophy®
Team Engagement |Virtual Team Building (for in-tact teams) | Collaboration
Self Development | Managing Change – Who moved my Cheese®
Self Development | Personal Branding
Self Development | Growth Mindset
Self Development | Planning & Prioritization
Self Development | Ownership & Accountability
Skill Building | Structured Thinking | 6 Thinking Hats Methodology with practice
Skill Building | Powerslides© | Making impactful slides
Team Management | How to give/receive feedback
Team Management | How to motivate & empower teams
Team Management | 5 dysfunctions of team
Team Management | Leadership Styles

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