Leadership & Professional Skills

NeuCode learning canvas 2023

Leading the Hybrid Teams

Available in Online-self paced, Classroom, Virtual webinars, Hybrid modes

Motivating & Engaging teams

In the hybrid workplaces this is the biggest challenge for leaders. Learn some latest breakthrough ideas and mechanisms to motivate/engage your team members

Art of Delegation

Delegation is not as simple as it sounds. In this workshop, you will discover your own mind blocks, build your strategy and avoid those bloopers.

Culture Intelligence

Learn how to assess your own team's culture, identify the culture elements that align with your vision, and how to build an OCI culture (open, collaborative and inclusive)

Building Autonomous Teams

Learn how to understand team roles and dynamics, build your strategy and empower your teams.

Managing Team Conflicts

Learn how to identify and manage team conflicts using practical techniques and case studies

Human Centered Leadership

Learn how to utilize design thinking concepts to build a human centered mindset and leadership style.

Leading with Empathy

Empathetic leaders are able to effectively build and maintain relationships and retain talent. In this course you will learn how to become empathetic, develop active listening skills, manage your conflicts and overcome communication barriers

Performance Conversations

Learn techniques and skills to generate a productive experience during performance conversations.

Building Team Accountability

Learn how to hold team accountable and build a culture of ownership and accountability in the team. Leaders need this skill especially in the hybrid workplaces

Conversational Intelligence

This course will enable leaders to read the emotional temperature in the room, deeply listen to the unsaid and articulate point of views that are easily understood by the audience. They will also learn how to ask the right questions, state their opinions and point of views without being aggressive or submissive.

Building Connect & Trust Based Relationships

Building personal connects has become one of the biggest challenge for leaders. In this course, learn the realities of hybrid world, core reasons for challenges and miscommunication, and finally some simple techniques and habits to build trust based relationships.

Leading Change

Leaders are required to bring in changes and massive transformation in the teams. However, 90% of the change efforts in corporates fail as per the research. In this course, learn a powerful step-by step process that leaders can follow to implement successful change in their teams, and build mental agility.

Art of giving feedback

The appetite or mental bandwidth to listen and absorb any improvement feedback has gone far too low. Leaders need to learn & practice newer skills to make people open to receive feedback and work on it.

Leader as a Coach

This is our flagship intervention!
Learn basic fundamentals and principles to be a coach.
Practice some pathbreaking yet simple coaching techniques for 20 most common challenges faced by individuals and teams.

Strategic Leadership

Learn how to expand your canvas and have a systemic view to things. Learn different types of strategies and application of these strategies in the business world with case studies, simulations and workouts.

NeuCode learning canvas 2023

Professional Skills

Available in Online-self paced, Classroom, Virtual webinars, Hybrid modes

Working with Ambiguity

Learn how to deal with ambiguities and uncertainties, build flexible plans, asking right questions and displaying the right attitude in ambiguous ecosystem

Ownership & Accountability

Through this powerful workshop understand and develop your own accountability and sense of ownership. Learn how to plan proactively and respond when things go south.

Influencing & Persuasion

Learn how to influence/persuade people effectively, and with confidence. It is a skill that can make a huge difference to your career, your day-to-day work life and your personal relationships.

Executive Presence

All the leaders, you can UP your GAME. Understand the Leadership Gravitas by building inner presence and making the best in the moments that matter.

Personal Branding & Visibility

Learn how to identify and build your powerful personal brand with authenticity. In the hybrid ecosystem, learn special tips and techniques to build your own visibility, recall value and digital space

Art of Networking

Networking doesn't come naturally to all, however in current times it has become a very important skill. Learn how to break your own mental barriers, build your smart networking strategy, make the right impressions, use elevator pitch and small talks to build right network

Power Presentations

This course helps you learn some powerful formulas and secret sauces to build & facilitate powerful, confident presentations and narratives. Additionally learn about digital body language in virtual meetings

Art of Storytelling

Learn techniques and practical storytelling skills. Learn how to build powerful narratives, engage and hook the audience, represent data and leave them with an impact that lasts long!

Facilitation Skills

Learn how to confidently facilitate different types of meetings (Brainstorming, Decision making, Client program charters etc.) effectively, using OD & DT tools and techniques.

Assertive Communication

Learn about different types of communication, how and when to say no respectfully in different work situations. Learn how to put across your needs, your point of views and disagreements in different kind of forums.

Productivity Hacks & Time Management

A complete productivity and time management course designed to help you reduce your overwhelm and increase your results.

Analytical and Critical Thinking

This course will help improve your ability to identify, analyze, and evaluate point of views. It will help you discover ways to move beyond familiar ways of thinking and seeing the world, and become open to new ways of listening, leading, responding, and innovating.

Structured Thinking

We often feel messed up with there's a load of information, which is usually the case, at times a sudden question by a stakeholder in a meeting might make it worse, even when you know the answer. In this course, you will learn some powerful ways to structure information and how to make sense of information overload

Problem Solving

This course will help you solve real-life challenges using some systemic and creative techniques and tools.
You will learn how to identify and understand the right problem, break it into smaller chunks and solve using systemic/creative techniques.

Making better and faster decisions at work

Learn research based skills to defeat biases, deal with dilemmas, use scientific and intuitive ways to make objective decisions

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