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The science of “Resilience”​| Adversity Quotient (AQ)

“Adversity quotient (AQ)” has caught a lot of attention in recent times. The term was coined by Paul Stoltz in 1997 in his book Adversity Quotient: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities.

There are a lot of questions about AQ and it’s relationship with Success & Emotional Intelligence

Here are some of the insights that can be worth your reference. Do share your thoughts.

What is AQ and how is it related to EQ?

AQ is a score that measures the ability of a person to deal with adversities in his or her life. In other words it can be the measure of “Resilience“.

EQ is a score that measures the ability of a person to understand and manage their own emotions as well as of others. In other words it can be the measure of “Emotional Intelligence”

Relationship between EQ & AQ

  1. An emotionally intelligent person who has an awareness of his own emotions and is able to manage them well, automatically develops resilience i.e. his AQ will be higher too. Examples : Mahatma Gandhi, Obama, Oprah Winfrey
  2. A resilient person (the one with high AQ), might or might not be high on EQ. Steve Jobs is a clear example!

Which is better and must be built?

  • While AQ as per some studies can be a good predictor of material success
  • Real combo of happiness, success and fulfillment can be attained by a high EQ with which AQ comes as a package deal 🙂

Can you think of some people who have been resilient however their emotional quotient is not very high? Yes! These are the people who at times can appear to be the ruthless or heartless kinds at times.

How many people can you think of who are emotionally intelligent but not resilient at all? Is it even possible?

Why build EQ and AQ?

An emotionally intelligent & resilient workforce ensures the following in the corporate world –

  1. Brings automatic perseverance, grit to achieve, follow through and finish goals
  2. Brings longer term stability & loyalty
  3. Leads to high performance

While I’ve written a lot about building emotional intelligence in my previous articles and videos, let me share some special snippets about “Resilience”.

Behaviors of the Resilient people –

  • They don’t give up when odds are against them
  • They know how to relax during tense moments
  • They don’t worry about bad luck, they focus on what they can control
  • They let mistakes go and focus on what next
  • They bounce back quickly from setbacks and failures
  • They have a strong belief in my abilities
  • They don’t give up easily
  • They generally look at the brighter side of life

3 facts about “Resilience” you must know

  • Just like physical toughness, mental toughness (resilience) also needs to be built through regular practice.
  • People who are resilient also BREAK in tough moments, however they are able to quickly bounce back
  • If you faced an adversity in the past and weren’t able to handle it well, then there are HUGE chances that you have become more resilient for the next time.

Wondering how to increase resilience?

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