Super-Charge your GRATITUDE List

It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy

Before we start, it will be unfair if I don’t tell you how grateful I am for you to even decide and open this article. Hope this helps you understand this formula to super-charge your gratitude list.

All of us know that the power & frequency of a Negative thought is extremely high and it generally takes 100 positive thoughts to combat one negative. The feeling of #GRATITUDE is the only positive feeling that has the highest frequency/power to fight negative thoughts effectively.

When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears – Anthony Robbins

Sometimes while we know about the power of gratitude, here are two challenges that we face :

  1. Gratitude just doesn’t come naturally everyday to us, we need to create a habit (a new neural pathway)
  2. After a few obvious things we are grateful for, being grateful everyday becomes boring & tough without some new prompts!

Gratitude list is not merely a tick in the box kind of exercise. If you don’t feel the emotions associated with it, writing them won’t make a difference – Bindu Bhatia

Here are some ways in which you can supercharge your gratitude list –

  1. Make it colourful, add pictures, drawings or your mental maps (write with hands instead of typing them down”
  2. Detail it out using words that describe your feelings for that thing, people, or event.
  3. Provide reasons as to why you are grateful for a particular person, thing or event? Wherever possible, supercharge it by telling these reasons to the person directly

Example :

I’m so thankful to have my mom in my life because

  • Her long tight hugs make me feel very secured
  • Here presence makes me feel like a child
  • I always have one person who doesn’t judge me, no matter whatever I do or confess
  • She truly enjoys my happiness and makes me feel special by cooking my favorite dishes
  • She brings smile to me with her innocent questions about technology and comments about the games on phone that she never wins 🙂

Once you have supercharged your list / journal, remember to read it often, atleast once a day to start with, and especially when you feel low.

You will notice that this habit will make you feel very elated, your relationships will improve and you will suddenly start getting all that you want in life. You will start enjoying life even more!

If you are not thankful for what you have, why should you get anything more

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