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Power & Art of Asking the “Right Questions”​

Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers” – by Vincent, French philosopher

Let me first ask “How is Power of asking questions” different from the “Art of asking questions”?


Power of Asking Questions is highly underrated in our culture for obvious reasons! Yet this skill differentiates between good and excellent leaders, parents, students, professionals or individuals… This skill is specially honed in Doctors & Lawyers in order to do their job well! However in the corporate world there are less than 1% of the organizations that exclusively focus on this aspect.

Let’s see the power of this skill and its impact on corporate performance

Asking the right questions

  • Unlocks learning
  • Improves interpersonal bonding and rapport
  • Lead to root cause, discoveries, and Innovation
  • Can make people more willing to open up
  • Can keep your audience’s attention
  • Can completely change perspectives
  • Helps build a desirable brand for you
  • Over and above, asking the right questions help build better emotional intelligence.

Remember it is about “RIGHT” questions at the RIGHT time that reap the above results, unwanted and unnecessary questions can completely work other way round.


Is there someone in your life who irks you with his/her unending questions? Has it ever happened that people start reacting and defending themselves when you ask questions?

While there is a lot of power in asking right questions, it is also about “HOW are you asking a question?”

How do you show the intention of your question? Your tone, language, facial expressions, pitch, projection, along-with the other person’s mood and timing – everything adds up to the ART of asking the right question at the right time! Which means one needs to be self aware, and also aware of the other person’s / room’s emotional temperature to be able to put across a question that yields the right results.

This art of asking the right questions at the right time with the right approach, also tremendously help enhancing the emotional intelligence of a person.

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