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From Castaway to Craft-a-way!

I know it’s a little tough! kidding me? Of course VERY tough to deal with what’s happening today in the world.

Maybe it’s your children, or maid, spouse or the boss, or worst case NO ONE, Everything or everyone is overwhelming these days. On top of it, is the worry of the FUTURE. Suddenly everyone is jumping back into the SURVIVAL part in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This reaction is totally understandable.

This is the wrath of UNKNOWN that we are witnessing collectively in the world! Once in a lifetime opportunity that no one wanted of course 🙂

Following a very famous saying “Survival of the Fittest!”, I also witness loads of people getting into the race to learn and up-skill themselves to gear up for the next set of things. Awesome strategy!

However, while you are building the skills, how are you going to manage the

Healing or Empowering the Child within you who is fearful? Who is idle in some cases? Who might just burst out any moment?

Here are the 3 very simple, but very powerful techniques that can help your brain to become more resilient, specially in these times.

  1. Discover your CREATIVE STREAK

Those who have a natural flair must be already at it!

I also understand some of you believe that you are not creative! So here’s your challenge :

Do you remember when you went to school, what your teachers/parents use to find on the last page? Yes! DOODLES… I won’t be surprised if you say, you still do it in your diaries during meetings.

Contrary to the belief that doodling is waste and denotes that you are not listening, it is actually much more useful to increase focus and decrease stress.

Mindful Doodling

Doodles are nothing but the creative expressions of your sub-conscious brain. Whenever you are sitting at home generally feeling low, start with doodling anything on your paper.(use pens, pencils, preferably different colors if possible). Don’t think too much about how it will pan out, just randomly make doodles.

After 10 minutes, just take a re-look and see if the pattern you drew is telling you something about yourself?

2. Consciously HELP someone at least once a day!

Help/support at-least one person in any form, at-least once, every single day.

It can be in any form, like – just by giving a pep-talk, teaching, guidance, monetary, technical help, career advice, listening, paying gratitude etc.

Teaching/Coaching others is the best form of healing one can get. Try it out! Here’s your challenge –

  1. Write down at-least 15 learning’s that you had in your life (small, big doesn’t matter).
  2. Share one learning at-least once a day on social media platform, or with people who you think need it

You will be surprised to know that there are definitely some takers for everyone’s learning in the world. May be you are repeating something that someone has already said on social media, but the point here is about reaching someone at the right time. When you throw open your learning or empowering beliefs to the world, you will find that there are quite a few who get it at the right time.

If you still have inhibitions on this one then try this –

  • Everyday, say this to at-least 5 people in and out of your family – Is there any way I can help you?

3. Out of the comfort zone!

List down things that are out of your comfort zone, however, you know that these things will help you in the long run personally or professionally.

Give yourself a target of going out of your comfort zone at-least once a week! Brain perceives immediate threats/fears faster than the ones possible in future.

Hence, when we step out of our comfort zone, brain perceives it as an immediate threat and put full concentration on the action.

Stepping out of the comfort zone is a powerful way to

  • Develop resilience – Indirectly we are explaining and programming our brain to believe that we can fight anything! We are cool & strong enough 🙂
  • Help in distraction from the worry and anxiety state

Example : I had major challenges doing videos on social media, during this COVID 19, I pledged to put up my videos (30-day emotional resilience challenge) every day. A solid challenge to my fearful brain 🙂

Somethings I did to ease out this one –

  1. If others are involved, then tell them your intent and that you are just trying! – So no performance pressure! 🙂
  2. Give yourself a benefit of doubt even when you fail or are miserable in it? Appreciate that you tried! – pat on the back is important.
  3. Be curious about it, and talk to people who can do this same thing very comfortably. Ask them “What do they tell themselves” just before getting into this action? Ask them about your inhibitions. You might get some of their empowering beliefs.

In conclusion

Craft a way for yourself: Consciously pull yourself into at-least one of these 3 things. initially your brain might resent it, but after a few successful attempts it will become a habit or a way of life.

If you liked this article, please do share it with others… that’s also one of the ways you can help others today!

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