For Smart Business Leaders : How to utilize maximum potential of your “Learning & Development” consultants

Do you get irritated at times thinking- “What world is this L&D function living in – get a reality bite”

Do you get agitated by listening to “Should’s’ and Don’ts” during the learning/coaching sessions?

Do you feel that the biggest role of “Learning and Development” is a break that you give to your employees to feel motivated and get rejuvenated!

  Enabling the BUSINESS SUCCESS, by building required “Capability/competence” in the organization – is the most important goal of “Learning & Development” function

Having worked as a Learning Consultant in large and medium scale organizations for last 16 years, given below are the 5 things that I experienced with the best leaders in the industry.

 5 ways to utilize the complete potential of Learning & Development consultants


  • Educate them about your business processes, structure/processes, key challenges, goals and vision
  • Ensure that you invite the Learning consultants in important reviews, meetings, goal setting exercises, so they understand typical examples and issues you face
  • Utilize their expertise by having them to facilitate your strategic meetings where one or more of the following is planned – Creating the org. Vision, Defining culture, defining goals, team norms, team building, engagement discussions etc.
  • Make them your sounding board to brainstorm ideas, even if you know they won’t be able to provide business perspectives, they will be able to ask you right questions and challenge your thoughts! That’s all that you need.



  • To conduct a deep diagnostics for your key people challenges through their neutral and non-business perspectives
  • To create program designs for long term impact based development programs – provide your support in terms of time & resources


  • Facing attrition, CSAT, Production or Quality issues?? Challenge them with a business metrics! They might surprise you



  • L&D consultants should be on your invite list for important events, client presentations etc.
  • Recognize them – positive reinforcement helps almost always!
  • Remember – they only rely heavily on your recognition. 
  • Avoid HR vs. Ops jokes, treat them with respect, they are the only people in the organization who have their 100% focus on people development in your spans.


  • Owing to the expertise in psychological tools, consulting mind-set and leadership capabilities, these people are your best resources to get you meaningful resources for your own quick learning
  • Ask for your own feedback, these are the people who are observant of ONLY behaviors and can distill the business information with psychological processes information. Look forward to taking feedback as many times as you would like
  • Ensure you have a slot for them to present L&D action and progress – this creates ownership and responsibility
  • Talk about return on your learning investments, ask about the support they need, provide your thoughts for better design, ask questions for them to reflect, push them to be more innovative and creative.
  • Ensure you have strong sponsorship from your team for L&D… This can be accomplished and driven – by including L&D action into your manager’s goal-sheet


Please feel free to write your thoughts about this article in the comments section. Would love to hear your perspectives and know your experiences.

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