What is that ONE thing that you went through or learnt in life that you’d like to share with the world?

5 basic elements to add a zing to YOUR story…

  1. What is it in your story, that can help the audience learn? In what parts of your audience’s lives, will the story impact? Why should they listen to you?
  2. Add metaphors, analogies or description in terms of visuals, dialogues and emotions in your story, for it to be sticky and viral.
  3. Give your audience some task to do post reading your story : Self reflection or Questions to others, Think in a different perspective etc.
  4. Write your story with a very neutral, fact based and non judgmental tone. You have a bright chance to lose out attention and credibility owing to generalizations and assumptions.
  5. Avoid being the HERO of your story… that reduces credibility. Make the reader THE HERO.

In our world where attention spans are reducing, appetite to take advice has gone almost NIL, all genres need newer ways to get inspired!

Story telling is a neuro-psychological way of instilling sub-conscious messages into the audience – be it corporate employees, students, parents or teachers!

Stories are an ancient way of imparting knowledge and “Sanskars” as we say in India. “Sanskar” in other words imply beliefs and values.

However age old princess stories where she waits for the prince to come and rescue her, has done more harm than benefits.

If you have a story which can add to a person’s values/beliefs to make them successful, we are here to help and support.

In corporate world – if you find it difficult to influence people, or are not able to gain attention to your presentation, if you want to mesmerize your audience and create a brand for yourself as a coach and inspiring leader, attend our workshops.

Also, it’s time for parents, teachers, coaches to craft / choose the stories that impart right messaging and has a deep-long lasting impact on the audience.

In our Storytelling workshops, learn different types of stories, creating deep/shallow metaphor stories on – the go, learn how stories can work as a therapy and solutions for challenges using NLP tools, and much more!

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