First of all, thanks for your super charging and enthusiastic response online and offline for the Part 1.

Now, before we move ahead and unravel this skill, here’s a quick question –

How do you think you will ever be able to – a) Read between the lines, b) Deeply connect with people during networking events, c) Make yourself remembered by your key stakeholders in just one conversation, d) Win that important deal over a coffee?, e) Mesmerize people with your sheer presence?

The only way all of this is possible is by

Being able to connect with human beings and environment at a  deeper level

Just imagine, how the world will be, if one day, you have this super power to sense what other person needs or how the group is responding to a stimulation, what are the underlying currents in a discussion.

As if knowing all of the above was not enough… this super power also helps you take the required steps that makes you successful – irrespective of any field or personal life.

The only process that helps build and strengthen this Super Power is –

“Letting the Love Flow”

“Love” in the quote above – refers to an emotion that is – positive – pure – authentic.

Letting the “love” flow through our body (in the form of energies) to the outside world, helps us connect to energies coming out from other people. The concept of aura was born and proven basis this energy which flows out from our body all the time. This energy is THE SUPER POWER. One can channel this energy and gradually get as powerful/successful as one wants.

One can learn how to channelise this energy, by tapping into own sub-conscious.

This skill to tap and channel energy released by our sub-conscious, is directly correlated to the “Human & Environment connect“. It needs to be experienced, practiced and mastered over a period of time.

Once experienced and learnt, it puts you into a success ride. Success in everything you do, Happiness in every relationship you have!

While we cannot cover all the aspects of this topic, here are few “simplified” & “quick” techniques and tips, for today’s business leaders –

  1. Spend significant time to visualize success and create your vision board. To start with it is important that you know what you are most passionate about. Concentrate within and check your energy/passion levels while taking up a goal – does that excite you enough? Close your eyes and imagine – When you get what you want, how will you feel, what images do you see, what do you feel in your body – where’s the energy coming from? Seek help from a professional life coach to identify and tap & store this energy formula in you.
  2. When in meetings, put your conscious efforts to talk and sub-conscious efforts to feel the underlying emotions of the group! Yes! it’s possible. Start practicing it right from today. If possible, debrief your meetings with people – by talking about the “PROCESS” part of the meeting.. i.e. how were people feeling, what were the behaviors displayed etc.
  3. With an intent to resolve or promote underlying currents – bring the core under-currents up-front. Address them even if you don’t have all the answers.
  4. Make it a principle of your life- ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE GOOD AT HEART! If they have attitudes / behaviors that don’t resonate with you, doesn’t mean they are bad, duffers or good for nothings.. Take it as a challenge to “LOVE them unconditionally”. Show more interest in how they think, where they are coming from, ask questions that will help you understand their perspectives. After doing all of this, if it still doesn’t resonate, you can still come out gracefully by agreeing to disagree, however, respecting the fact that other person has the liberty to be different!
  5. Last point  – Pitch, volume, body language, tone, words – all these are superficial ways that are often talked about in our “Executive presence” or “Presentation skills” training workshops. These days, the skill that True Leaders should learn is to talk what they really believe in! If they are able to “passionately” talk about it and sense the undercurrents simultaneously, they needn’t worry. “Passion” is a form of love – the human connect will be established automatically. People WILL get the point. That’s the power of human connect – ‘LET THE LOVE FLOW’

I hope something above does resonate with you, if yes, then feel free to leave a comment, your thoughts and more ideas.