NCTA Belief Cards


Your beliefs are the algorithms that guide your actions, decisions and relationships in life. A set of limiting beliefs can ruin the happiness, while empowering beliefs can build more resilience in you, to deal with complexities in life.

Why depend on others when you can re-build this algorithm. Use this deck of 50 empowering belief cards that can help you take decisions, come out of dilemmas and resolve any challenges that you face in life.

A perfect gift for teams, family and friends!

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When was the last time when someone reached out to you for help and you were completely speechless! Unfortunately, emotional intelligence, winning beliefs and building a rich mindset have never formally been a part of our education system. With an advent of social media, lack of time with friends and parents owing to other life commitments, the need to be self-reliant, resilient and learn self-healing techniques has only become more important.

We at NeuCode Talent Academy have a mission to reach out to millions of people and spread this awareness and create a more emotionally resilient society. We do this through our learning products – workshops, books and Neu(ral)code-cards.

Take charge of your own life and experience the magic. Pick one from this deck of 50 cards, every morning and keep it in your mind consciously. You will be surprised what happens in next 50 days! Ready for the challenge? Gift yourself and others a new life full of happiness and success.


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