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Our Mission at NCTA is to enhance emotional intelligence & resilience in people

Be it at work, home, college or school, EMOTIONS are prevalent everywhere. Grief, Loss, Hurt, Failures, Rejections, Insult, Fear, Low esteem are few of the emotions, that have negatively impacted every human being at-least once in life. There is very little or no formal plan in the education system to make children emotionally intelligent and resilient.

When we grow up and start facing these emotional setbacks even more, specially during our career years, it becomes adverse for physical and mental health. Goes without saying that the organizations and families – both suffer due to this lack of ability to manage emotions.

With an alarming rate of increase in suicides, depression and untimely deaths owing to stress and poor relationships, Emotional Intelligence (EI) has become a vital part of life in every sphere.

Many researchers have established a significant direct correlation of EI with happiness, success and increase in overall satisfaction from life.

The VUCA world, artificial intelligence and social media platforms are further making EI an inevitable factor for people to succeed and lead a happy life!

What we do?

We design & facilitate learning experiences that bring an almost immediate transformation for working professionals, by building a strong awareness and ability to enhance Emotional Intelligence and Resilience.

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