Certified NLP Practitioner & Life Coach

What is NLP? Why to do this course? Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the world’s fastest growing methodology which is now increasingly being acknowledged as a “Game Changer”. NLP tools are unbelievably impactful at a personal, team and organizational level. While there is no definition that can justify the power of NLP, however here’s how we at NCTA talk about it – NLP can be understood as “Applied Neuro-science”. In this 5-day practitioner course, there are 40+ tools which provide a logical way to reprogramme your mind for success, healing, wellness, goals, trust, relationships, belief systems, excellence and much more. It’s a pro-active way to reprogramme your brain so that it responds differently to various triggers/stimuli in future. As a coach / practitioner, you will be able to apply these tools during your session thereby making you more impactful and effective. You will definitely feel more confident as a coach.