“Positive Lights”

4 years ago, when people use to say guided meditation, hypnosis, alternate therapies, brain theta, sub-conscious. I use to go Yikes..! What’s that? Not my cup of tea! Too high from my level.. Hello! I’m just in my 30’s not 70’s! I’m sure many of you reading this, can connect with this 🙂

There are AHA moments in everyone’s life and here’s mine :). For me the moment was, when I discovered and experienced the power of mind!

It’s amazing how our brain is connected to body; and Body + Brain connected to our success!

I experienced a different kind of energy and passion within me after this discovery. I realized my purpose of life is to make a difference in everything I do.  While I am a successful professional and work for my living and passion in a great organization.

“POSITIVE LIGHTS” is my personal initiative to bring more awareness about this power in very very simple words and modes.

This is for people who have potential but lack confidence, for people who want to move ahead in this awareness journey for self reflection, for people who want to make a difference in their lives, careers and make it big!

Many like minded people joined me in this journey to make it more meaningful and rich.

Today, my request to you is choose any of the option below and get in touch with us to give us insights into how we can make it more impactful and powerful, how we can make a larger difference!

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