NCTA Exclusive Suites

Exclusive Suites


NeuCode Talent Academy

Emotional Intelligence @ Work

A suite of 3 programs

Skills coveredManage stress, reactions & emotions in difficult situations, Critical conversations, Build connect & trust with others, Manage conflicts effectively, Empathize and Motivate others, Micro-observations


MessageCraft (C)
A suite of 5 programs 

Skills covered: Storytelling, Advanced power-point skills/tools to present data, Facilitation, Stakeholder management, Elevator pitch, Influencing without authority.


Diversity & Inclusion

A suite of 6 programs

Skills covered: Self awareness around unconscious biases, belief system, values, judgments and perceptions, Authentic leadership styles, critical conversations, balancing life, holistic wellness and much more.


Winning Relationships

A suite of 12 short modules

Modules / Skills covered: Stakeholder analysis, Self as a brand, People management, Managing difficult behaviors, Consulting skills, Networking, Influencing and Persuasion, Difficult conversations


InsideOut (C)

A suite of 2 programs

Skills covered: Self Awareness, NLP & Mindfulness fundamentals, Stress & time management, Achievement Motivation, Positive mindset, Dealing with extreme to mid gravity emotions


Role Transitions

A suite of 4 programs

We support organizations to build career and learning paths for the employees.
Transitions : College to Corporate, First time Managers, Managing Managers, Strategic leadership - we cover it all for you!


Our NeuCode Book Series
NeuCode for WINNING relationships

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