Certified Behavioral Event Interviewer | A Neuroscience Based Program

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December 10, 2023

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9:30 am

Your organization is as good as the people you hire!

But do you know how to assess people who fit your culture and expectations?

Technical skills are relatively easier to determine, however, the bigger and long-term game of hiring is to know,  whether the person –

  1. Will stay for long
  2. Has the right culture fitment
  3. Is telling the truth about his/her experience
  4. Has the right attitude
  5. Has the desired “Behavioral Competencies”

Many organizations miss this part and make wrong hiring decisions which eventually lead to a loss of up to 10 times the CTC of the person hired!

On top of this, do you know that 90% of the candidates learn/get coached from the internet or agencies on how to give interviews? They sometimes even mug up the answers to the most common questions! Given all of this, it becomes imperative that the HIRING MANAGERS must “UP” their game as well.


NeuCode BEI certification ensures that the hiring managers

  • Know how to determine “Behaviors” required for specific job profiles
  • Learn neuroscience based techniques to gauge these behaviors and culture fitment
  • Practice techniques to ask the right questions, probe and drill down for facts
  • Learn NLP ways to build rapport, gauge false stars, identify potential threats etc.
  • Understand and identify the interview biases that might hinder the right decision making

If you hire people greater than you, you become the company of GIANTS, if you hire people who are lesser than you, you become the company of DWARFS.


  1. NeuCode BEI Handbook including 100+ sample questions, techniques and tips, do’s and dont’s
  2. NeuCode BEI certification (Post completion of knowledge assessment)


Hiring managers, StartUp Leadership, HR, Line Managers, anyone who interviews candidates for an organization.

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  • December 10, 2023 9:30 am   -   1:30 pm
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