Equality doesn’t mean “SAME”​ | Part I

Enabling women to succeed in your workplace is not just the right thing to do — it’s also a competitive advantage.

But how do we get there?

Number 1 : Yes – coach women to feel more empowered and leverage their strengths!… A lot of organizations are working in that space. We will not be talking about this aspect in this series.

Number 2: HIGH TIME FOR MEN & WOMEN LEADERS TO ADVOCATE CHANGE & empower / attract more women in leadership roles!

This 3-part series covers some interesting aspects about the genders that will help leaders simply understand the difference, and indicators around how MEN & WOMEN can cope up and BE OK with these differences at workplace.

In this part I, lets’ understand a common myth and key differences between men and women

A common myth: Women tend to leave their careers after child birth

As per HBR research, 60% of the women worked well past the birth of their 2nd child, while 90% of them left because of Workplace problems

Key Differences between Men & Women

These differences are statistically proven by psychological as well as biological (neuro-science based) research world-wide. However, these are tendencies and not rules. There are always exceptions to findings, but these tendencies do help us understand how the two genders tend to think, behave and act.

You can utilize this knowledge to accept and respect these differences and leverage the opposite gender in the best way possible! You can refer to this article to understand the core neurological reasons for these differences.

How understanding these differences will help us at workplace? Wait for the part 2.

Part 2 | 20 ways in which leaders can advocate diversity and support women at workplace!

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