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ncta curriculum
Based on the Top 10 competencies to thrive in the hybrid world

Immersive Customized Workshops

Managing Stress and Anxiety
Empathetic Conversations
Building Resilience
Dealing with Negativity
Mental Detox
Dealing with Fears
Emotional Intelligence
Forgiveness & Gratitude
Art of Dissociation
Managing Expectations
Self Awareness
Embracing Happiness
Dealing with Grief, Loss and Pain
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Structured Thinking & Presentation Techniques
Growth Mindset
Stakeholder Management
Influencing and Persuasion skills 
Conflict to Collaborate 
Influencing without Authority 
Difficult conversations 
Managing Time
Working in the virtual world
Virtual Meeting Etiquette
Cognitive & Results Flexibility
Personal Branding
Executive Presence
Strategic Mindset & Positioning
Professional Visibility
Positioning self with Courage & Confidence
Art of Storytelling
Dialog based presentation skills
Transactional Analysis for Professionals Part I | Psychological Contracting, Ego States, Personal Drivers, Life Positions
Transactional Analysis Part II | Life Scripts and Games people Play
Neuro-Linguistics Programming for Professionals | Developing peak performance state and discovering one’s own success formula
FIRO-B® | Interpersonal Relationships in the virtual world, by understanding their “Needs”
DiSC® | Personal working style and relationships
6 Thinking Hats ®
Leading Change in the times of Disruption | Neuroscience Based frameworks and methods
Who am I?  | Identifying own fears, limiting beliefs, losing patterns and learning how to course correct 
Leading virtual teams
NCTA Management Foundation Certification | Transitioning from IC to Manager
Leader/Manager as a Coach| Practice Powerful Coaching Techniques 
Different strokes for Different folks | Working with different kinds of people in the team
Stakeholder Management | Dealing with “Resistance”
Stakeholder Management | Managing different working styles
Stakeholder Management | Building trust based relationships
Stakeholder Management | Virtual Communication Essentials 
Well Being | Managing stress & anxiety
Well Being | Managing Conflicts
Well Being | Art of dissociation (NLP Based)
Well Being | Managing Triggers and Reactions
Communication | Assertive Communication
Communication | Creating an Elevator pitch
Communication | How to say NO
Communication | Asking the right questions
Team Engagement | F!SH Philosophy®
Team Engagement |Virtual Team Building (for in-tact teams) | Collaboration
Self Development | Managing Change – Who moved my Cheese®
Self Development | Personal Branding
Self Development | Growth Mindset
Self Development | Planning & Prioritization
Self Development | Ownership & Accountability
Skill Building | Structured Thinking | 6 Thinking Hats Methodology with practice
Skill Building | Powerslides© | Making impactful slides
Team Management | How to give/receive feedback
Team Management | How to motivate & empower teams
Team Management | 5 dysfunctions of team
Team Management | Leadership Styles

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